Norwich printmakers making the mark

November 29, 2009 by  

Stonington Printmakers Society is holding an exhibition of work at the Slater Memorial Museum in Norwich. It runs from 5th Dec to 29th January 2010. The title of the exhibition is ‘Making the Mark’. It will include examples of monotypes, colographs, etchings and solar plate etchings, intaglios, linocuts and relief prints.

The exhibition in Norwich promises to be both interesting and informative. Demonstration of these early techniques will be of great interest to the public and to printing companies in Norwich. There is also a green aspect to the exhibition through the use of water based inks.

The public should be able to grasp just how much today’s printing companies in Norwich are able to offer. It will bring into focus just how amazing digital reproduction techniques are. The very first reproducible image was probably the hand print, found in ancient caves. 13th and 14th century wood cuts demonstrate great manual dexterity. Ancient Chinese Silk Screen printing is beautifully precise.

More recently, news print was achieved by Letterpress method. The compositor’s job no longer exists. The evolution of printed reproduction took a paradigm shift with the introduction of digital technology.

Imagine you are back in the days of William Caxton and he is your local Norwich printer. You need 2000 flyers and 1000 posters. ‘’certainly sir’’ says William ‘’that will be £5000 for set up and labour costs and delivery will be about two months’’.

How times have changed. Speed, accuracy and customer satisfaction are the new criteria for printing companies around Norwich. This exhibition will highlight just how much repro has progressed.