Norwich family celebrates 100 years of printing

December 22, 2011 by  

A Norwich family have recently celebrated 100 years in the printing industry.

The Kirk family, from Norwich, have been working in printing for the past century, passing their craft down from generation to generation and ensuring that the family trade secrets were passed on to ensure that the Kirks continued to provide the people of the region with first class printing services.

Norwich-based Bob Kirk received a specially-produced book commemorating his career and achievements in printing, charting the 50 years that he has spent working in the industry. Bob Kirk started working for the printing company that went on to produce the Norwich Evening News. He recently celebrated his 90th birthday and the book was given to him as he celebrated this with his family.

Bob Kirk’s father Percy and his grandfather Robert both spent many years working in the print industry. Bob gave the following quote to the Norwich evening news, speaking about his heritage:

“My dad Percy did 55 years as a printer with Eastern Counties Newspapers and his dad Robert also did 55 years, and my sister Gillian did six years.”

Bob’s son Rob has continued to work in a similar vein, whilst not directly involved in printing; he has worked as a reporter for various newspapers and is now employed by Sky News. Rob started his career writing for the newspaper that is now known as the Norwich Evening News.

Bob Kirk is now retired from printing but his family traditions live on through his reporter son and show that printing companies in Norwich have a rich history and firm roots in the area.