Norwich artist celebrates Norfolk landscape

October 10, 2017 by  

Gary Pereira, a local artist who appreciates the Norfolk coast, is preparing for a London exhibition.

Pereira has a studio within Norwich and his work showcases the coast of Norfolk as well as the scenery of North Wales. Postcards from Norwich can be used to promote artwork of various types. Pereira wants everyone to benefit from the beauty of the natural world in a relaxed manner. He told the Eastern Daily Press:

“It’s to do with people not having the time to slow down and look at the landscape, and being too busy on their mobile phones. I purposely leave my phone behind when I’m painting. When you are painting it is almost hypnotic, and if your phone starts ringing it disturbs your concentration.”

The title of the upcoming London show is Stop and Stare. The capital-based exhibition will take place in the Osborne Studio Gallery. However, some of Pereira’s work will be accessible to the public in Mandell’s Gallery in Norwich.

Many years ago, Pereira secured a MA from the Norwich School of Art and Design. Over two decades later, he is still making a big contribution to the cultural life of the city. He prefers the landscape of Norfolk to that of Cornwall. In particular, he values the flatness of the county and the huge skies and enjoys painting the sea near Blakeney.