Norfolk and Norwich Festival planning is underway

March 15, 2018 by  

The countdown for May’s Norfolk and Norwich Festival is continuing.

Daniel Brine has been appointed as the director of the Norfolk and Norwich Festival this year. Poster printing from Norwich may be useful at events. Brine has spent several weeks researching local culture as the date for the arts festival gets closer and explained his personal taste to the Eastern Daily Press:

“I like art to help me see or understand the world, and it can be my world or the whole world or it can be somebody else’s world…I really like it when art says something to me about where we are, who we are.”

Brine is not dogmatic about the art which he appreciates. He is especially flexible when it comes to matters of form. Paintings, drama and dance can all tick the right boxes for him. He wants audiences in and around Norwich to share his eclecticism and he has challenged people to view something fresh.

The Norfolk and Norwich Festival will be a vibrant occasion if people attend it with open minds. The events have been scheduled to fit within a period of 16 days. Norwich Cathedral shall accommodate three choirs. The choirs have been tasked with performing a new composition. Norwich is due to be visited by a circus company which is just getting going.