Norfolk Broads rebrand alerts Norwich print companies

July 12, 2010 by  

Print companies in Norwich may find themselves with an influx of orders following the news that new branding will be unveiled for the Norfolk Broads by The Broads Tourism Forum and The Broads Authority. A rebranding exercise can be essential for companies to remain competitive and relevant to the current market but it does also require an investment in new marketing and promotional materials to ensure that the rebrand is present across all communication. This would include catalogue printing, postcards and posters – all required in Norwich.

The new rebrand for the Norfolk Broads is entitled “Britain’s Magical Waterland” and has been devised to reposition the area as an essential destination to visit for overseas tourists. It is hoped that the rebrand will inspire visitors to come and see the Norfolk Broads and create a strong economy in the area. Brand adviser Simon Middleton oversaw the process of rebranding and it is hoped that The Broads could achieve notoriety like other wetland areas, such as The Everglades and The Carmargue; bringing not only visitors to the area but having a positive impact on trade in the region and environmental protection. Middleton commented that whilst The Broads has been famous as a holiday destination in the UK for several years, its image is due an update.

The rebranding requires marketing and a huge effort to create new brand materials. It will also involve a substantial amount of training for many tourism businesses across the Norfolk Broads region as communities and businesses are encourage to use the same branding in their efforts to promote themselves and the whole area.