Newspaper printing company in Norwich may lose workers in cost saving exercise

March 7, 2011 by  

A newspaper printing company in Norwich may slash its workforce by half as part of a strategic shift pattern shake-up that is being driven by a cost-saving exercise. The company is called Archant Print and is based just outside of Norwich. The company has released a statement explaining that the cost of paper and ink has risen by almost 20% in the last year and this rise in expenditure is forcing this print company to cut its Norwich plant’s operation down to a single night shift as opposed to three rotating shifts throughout the day. This could cut the number of workers needed by the plant from 100 to just 50.

As bigger print companies start to see the effects of the challenging economic times that have affected businesses of all sizes throughout the country, smaller companies offering services like digital printing in Norwich have seen demand for their services increase. Bigger companies may offer a less personal service than smaller, local companies and in times of economic uncertainty, a level of personal attention can go a long way to reassure a company that their print job is in good hands.

Archant Print currently boasts the largest print centre in the UK and this is clearly a draw for bigger clients, such as newspapers, but the idea that the working hours will be cut to a single shift, plus the fact that 50 workers may lose their jobs, may be a worry to the newspapers who currently use Archant Print.

Smaller companies offering digital printing in Norwich may be able to help with smaller, more bespoke jobs to ensure that operations continue to run smoothly.