New bridge to sit on site of former Norwich printworks

July 19, 2011 by  

An innovative new bridge is being constructed over the River Wensum, on the site of the former Jarrold printworks. Jarrold is a name synonymous with Norwich, as the Jarrold family have been key players in printing and retail for a number of years in the city. Their best-known venture is probably Jarrold’s department store, and prior to that, their book printing company. Norwich’s new bridge is part of a significant development to regenerate the land owned by Jarrold’s where their printing company was once based.

Jarrold Publishing used to be a key player for book printing in Norwich and beyond. However, the printing arm of the company was sold to another company when the Jarrold family decided to focus on retail. Other printing companies in Norwich flourished in its wake, focusing more on commercial printing such as brochure and business card printing for Norwich-based firms, rather than focusing on book publishing.

The bridge itself was planned by Peter Jarrold, ex-chairman, over a quarter of a century ago and it takes a unique ‘J’ shape in homage to the Jarrold family name.

The area, just off Barrack Street in Norwich is designed make it easier for people to access Jarrold’s on foot as well as being built to provide a faster way into Norwich city centre for people accessing it from the north.

The work to build the bridge is underway now and the developers hope that it will be finished for the end of 2011.