Flyers mislead Norwich public

September 8, 2010 by  

Fraudsters in Norwich have been misleading people in the area into donating clothing seemingly to help a charity. Residents in the area have received leaflets asking for their donations for a doorstep clothing collection with the leaflet content seeming to replicate that of similar collections organised by reputable charities. The leaflets request unwanted or old clothes but the creative details a company names but no official charity number listed on the leaflet.

Now it is feared that this collection could impact on local legitimate charities by taking away their donations which are an important way for them to raise funds. Moreover, the leaflet design appears to replicate that of another leaflet distributed to homes in Norwich in previous years which was found to have been produced by a company called Rutux. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) found Rutux to be misleading in its message last year by leading people into thinking that the company was a charity. The ASA issued an order that the company should no longer distribute the leaflets but Rutux were uncommunicative with the ASA and did not respond to the ruling.

Official charities in Norfolk often use flyer printing services provided by print companies in Norwich as a way to connect with the public, or they may decide to distribute a brochure. Printers have no way of knowing if their product will be used for such a scam, but people have been urged to be wary of vague requests for clothing collections as this can impact on funding for valuable work that charities do in the area. These latest flyers state that the donated items are to be sent to third world countries.