Care home responds to poster campaign

May 17, 2010 by  

The Watton and Swaffham Times reports that Swaffham’s Iceni House Care Home has changed their staff roster following a recent investigation into their standards.

Allegations had been made regarding standards at the care home, including allegations of an incident regarding a resident there. The investigation began at the beginning of March and a spokeswoman for the care home did confirm that a nurse had been suspended following the start of the investigation and that, following the investigation’s conclusion, bosses at Southern Cross who run the Iceni House care home have confirmed that some staff will change following its findings.

The investigation was carried out in the middle of a mass poster campaign against the home whereby hundreds of posters were displayed and distributed around homes in the area, including Swaffham, Print company in Kings Lynn printing services Kings Lynn and Print company in Norwich printing services Norwich. The posters made allegations about the home and posed questions regarding the standards of care at the home.

The fact that posters were displayed around the area and delivered to local homes is likely to have driven high awareness of the case, prompted strong local feeling and encouraged authorities to act fast to react to the case.

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