Antiques roadshow in Norwich attracts a crowd

December 12, 2017 by  

Collectors of brewery-related memorabilia recently converged in Norwich.

The Norfolk Breweriana Antiques Roadshow was hosted at a public house on Thorpe Road. The Norfolk section of the international Labologists Society was happy to use the Fat Cat and Canary Pub. Social groups can use poster printing from Norwich to promote specific events.

Nick Drew, a spokesperson for the Norfolk group in the Labologists Society, told the Norwich Evening News:

“It was pretty chaotic at times and a large number of people kept appearing right up to 3pm. There were a lot of beer mats – although very few of any value – and quite a number of embossed bottles, some of which were quite rare and old but of relatively little value.”

The international Labologists Society does not simply look at beer mats and bottles. It is interested in researching a wide range of items. In Norwich, experts were presented with various objects to appraise. No charge was made for the service.

During the appraisal process, experts looked at matchbox holders, framed pictures and brand-related signs. One of the standout objects was an old stout bottle that had been manufactured with a view to pleasing a Russian Tsar.

Collectors like Sid Yallop had a grand day out. In the company of his grandson, he brought along hundreds of beer mats to be assessed.