Rare Rolling Stones poster on sale in Northampton

December 1, 2012 by  

A rare concert poster advertising a Rolling Stones show in Print company in Northampton printing services Northampton could fetch up to £1,500 when it is sold at auction this year.

The poster advertised a gig that was held at the old ABC cinema in Abingdon Square in Northampton, which has since become known as The Jesus Centre. The show that was being advertised was held in October 1965 and was at the height of the Stones’ first taste of fame, following their stint at number one in the charts with ‘(I can’t get no) Satisfaction’.

The poster will be auctioned at Christie’s in London, as part of a wider memorabilia auction of various pop culture goods, including Beatles memorabilia. This year sees The Rolling Stones celebrate their 50th anniversary and collectible items that tell the story of their journey through the world of rock and roll are in demand by collectors and auction houses alike. This simple poster, which is expected to make around £1,500, was created using standard techniques that are still used today for Print company in poster printing printing services poster printing.

Northampton residents have something of a strong musical legacy when it comes to 1960s rock and pop, as back in 1963 The Beatles also played the same venue as The Rolling Stones did for the concert advertised on the poster.

A similar poster as the one being auctioned was sold on the internet auction site eBay in 2006. This poster made £1,450, so the sellers hope that this poster will make that amount, if not more.