Northampton may welcome Starbucks drive-thru

October 23, 2018 by  

A proposal for a new Starbucks drive-thru outlet in Northampton has been made.

The potential drive-thru would be located in a car park in Northampton’s Morrisons Supermarket, which has made the planning application. Printing services can be useful for companies promoting new ventures and expansions.

Morrisons employed England Lyle Good (ELG) as town planners because the business wanted assistance with the application. ELG stated:

“The proposals will facilitate the redevelopment of an underutilised area of the existing Morrisons car park. The proposals will provide enhanced local facilities for local residents, shoppers and motorists on Kettering Road.”

ELG contended that the plan would have a positive economic impact on Northampton. The hope is that 30 new jobs will be created. This outcome is reliant on the consent of councillors. The council permitted a McDonald’s drive thru to get the green light in recent times.

There is one possible drawback associated with the scheme. The construction of a Starbucks drive-thru on the site would mean that there is a small loss of parking space. This diminution of parking could have an influence on the experience of shoppers at Morrisons.

Nevertheless, Morrisons commissioned research which showed the initiative would have a limited influence on local levels of congestion. The hope is that Kettering Road might not become blocked. This optimism is based on the fact that consumers at the new Starbucks may be visiting Morrisons as well.