Independent retailers back Northampton

June 14, 2018 by  

Independent retailers in Northampton have said that for their businesses to thrive in the town, larger retailers need to appear alongside them.

Northampton’s independent retailers want to boost footfall in the town and to achieve this, retailers have come together to suggest appropriate solutions. The town must try to attract winning chain retailers. Better directions between St Giles Street and Abingdon Street may also be helpful. Poster printing in Northampton can be used for promotional purposes.

Steve Ward is one of the proprietors of St Giles Cheese. Steve and his wife Caroline know that the personal service they can provide is a unique selling point. However, they recognise that high streets do need some big names to compete. Ward appreciates that the image of a retail chain may be important for shoppers and he told the Northampton Chronicle & Echo:

“I would love to see some of the more niche chains moving down here. Something like a Joules, they’re a better class of chain. At least it’s a nice thing to have.”

St Giles Cheese can tempt consumers with a diverse range of cheeses. However, the store does not simply stock 100 types of cheese. It also sells cakes, chutneys, olives and oils to people who enjoy their food. In addition, some customers appreciate the fact that the shop sells local produce. This currently includes rum, cider and gin.

The Wards have worked with associations of retailers down the years. This allowed their business to have a say in conversations about the future of Northampton.