Beloved Northampton children’s train returning

December 30, 2016 by  

A train for children that was one of the most popular attractions at a park in Northampton is all set to return in the new year – having been shut down due to vandalism eight years ago.

The train will make a comeback at Abington Park as Northampton Borough Council aims to provide children living within the borough with a better choice of play. It was a fixture there for a number of years, and hugely popular with local youngsters, before falling victim to vandals and being taken out of the park.

Councillor Mike Hallam, the environment cabinet member, was the one who announced its return during a recent full meeting of the council, adding that it had been part of town life for so long that most people of a certain age would remember enjoying it.

Hallam told the Northampton Chronicle:

“The new train will be of a more resilient design and the specific plans will be discussed with the Abington Park Management Committee at a meeting later this week.”

The original train was located in Abington Park for over a decade, before a fire damaged it irreparably during 2003. A replacement was opened later that year, but was closed down following further instances of damage.

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