Brochure versus Website

Given that most companies now have a website, the inevitable question must surely be for most marketing departments, “why do we need a brochure?” If you have a good company website that contains the entire product and service information that you need, with the added bonus of being able to update it in real time while also being interactive for the consumer, then it is easy to see why the question is raised.

However, although they are now often thought of in the same terms, brochures and websites perform very different functions. Firstly, your consumers need to come to your website. You cannot place it in every targeted pair of consumer hands and draw their attention to it. Your brochure is transportable – for you and your consumers. You can take it to the people that you need to see it and they, in turn, can read it when they want to read it. Your brochure can say something about your company simply through the print quality and the impression that this leaves your consumers with.

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