How to design an effective business flyer

There are ways to approach designing an effective business flyer that will ensure that your company achieves its aims with this marketing effort. Start with: what is the purpose of your company flyer? Are you using a flyer to simply advertise your business and what it does or is it more a special promotion or an announcement of your opening?

Focus your text and images on this purpose and select ones that will attract the attention of your key target market. The most relevant and attention grabbing images will be the most effective when encouraging potential consumers to look at your flyer or leaflet. Once you have their attention, you need to state your unique selling point. Why would consumers use your business? This needs to be stated to give people a reason to use you. Make sure there is a call to action. What do you want people to do? Drive them to a website, call you or come to your shop? When designing your flyer, make sure these three things are present: Attraction, USP and call to action.

Finally proof read your flyer with your printer. If you are looking for Print company in flyer printing in Bolton printing services flyer printing in Bolton, here at Minuteman Press, we offer a quality service at an affordable cost.

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