Printers in the North West

The North West of England has undergone major regeneration in the last few decades, as many areas have changed from being bastions of old industry into modern trade and commerce. Manchester for example has evolved from its industrial part to become a tourist destination for the UK, with some of the best shopping and entertainment venues in the country as well as being a central hub for modern IT industry.

Some of the outlying Manchester areas such as Didsbury, Wilmslow and Altrincham feature regular events and have a vibrant nightlife scene, resulting in promotions and marketing businesses supporting them.

One of the biggest evolutions in the North West has to be the city of Liverpool. Once a centre for shipping and heavy industry; Liverpool is now a centre for business, retail and nightlife. Liverpool also plays host to one of the most famous music scenes in the world, and was the European Capital of Culture in 2008. All of this creates plenty of work for print companies in Liverpool, printing flyers and posters required to promote many events held throughout the year.

Bolton equally has reinvented itself, while still making reference to its industrial past with its many art galleries and exhibitions, all of which require print work.

Other areas of the North West that have benefitted from regeneration include Preston, which used to be a textile centre following the industrial revolution, and Crewe, which is famous for its railways – both real and model.

Reputable print companies in the North West support their local businesses and reap the rewards of repeat business every day.

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