Newport’s Chartist trails receive design update

July 13, 2018 by  

The public has voted on a roundel design that will upgrade Newport’s Chartist trails.

Our Chartist Heritage was behind the democratic decision on the design of the roundel. Professional logo design in Newport can be used for similar purposes in a variety of economic sectors. The winning design was determined by a blend of online and offline voting. A ballot box located in the market enabled participation.

David Daniel played a key role in the development of the project. He thanked the voters for their effort and he told the South Wales Argus:

“The chosen design is bold, clear and speaks of the purpose of the Chartists in both Welsh and English while remaining true to the original design.”

Ned Heywood will take charge of making the bilingual roundels. He has plenty of experience in the field of ceramics.

Funding from a bid related to the Heritage Lottery has been critical to the success of the initiative. New markers will be added to two routes once taken by the Chartists. Newport Museum is where both of the routes start. One of the trails is over twice the length of the other.

The Chartists formed a large political pressure group that aimed to broaden democracy during the nineteenth century. Many of the demands made by the activists have become law in the decades following the end of the movement.