Newport housing estate gets approval

October 17, 2018 by  

A fresh housing estate in Newport has been granted planning consent recently.

Nearly 200 homes are to be built after proposals were approved by Newport council. The housing will be located in close proximity to the River Usk. Brochure printing can be useful to the construction sector as they can be used to showcase completed projects.

The Local Development Plan supported the initiative. Geraint Roberts, a planning officer, informed the planning committee of Newport council about the situation. He said:

“Houses can be built on this site regardless of what you do today as there is a permission in place for more dwellings than is currently being sought.”

Roberts conceded that the building work would generate traffic. However, he maintained that the existing use of the land was not an option that could be sustained.

While Councillor Phil Hourahine welcomed the scheme in general, he expressed concern at the possible impact. The anxiety of Councillor Hourahine stems in part from the fact that the city of Newport has traffic problems already.

Councillor Hourahine is happy that extra flats and houses will be built. Nonetheless, he has a specific worry that congestion could be worsened in the area surrounding a primary school. He hopes that traffic mitigation measures will have a positive influence on the potential problem. Councillor Graham Berry would like the developers to facilitate the use of green transport.