Large investment in rolling mill in Newport

September 8, 2018 by  

Liberty Steel Newport is making a big investment in equipment at a local rolling mill.

The company is set to spend £15 million on the upgrade. Printing services in Newport can benefit from increases in demand due to investment in the area. Liberty Steel reopened the mill three years ago. Tony Halbert, the current director of operations at the plant, told the South Wales Argus:

“We’re greatly encouraged by the progress we’ve been making at the mill and these investments will put us in an even stronger position to serve existing and new customers in the UK and overseas.”

About 180 employees work at the site. The hope is that coil production can be doubled quickly. A target of almost 370,000 tonnes has been set. Next year, another ambitious goal will be declared. At the moment, the UK imports quite a lot of coil and the overarching vision is that more domestic production can address this situation.

The investment strategy should yield results in terms of efficiency and product quality. Automation will be of real importance with regard to delivering the goods on the efficiency front.

In the future, renewable energy may have a role to play at the mill. The production of steel slabs and liquid steel could be powered using innovative methods if a special furnace is installed.