Schoolgirl turns down birthday gifts to raise funds for local charity

October 19, 2017 by  

A schoolgirl with a heart of gold refused to accept presents for three birthdays, instead requesting that the money be donated to a Milton Keynes charity benefitting children.

Rebecca Holanda, aged nine, made the decision when she was five years old that she would say “no” to birthday presents so that she could help the charity, Harry’s Rainbow.

Rebecca’s mum Marcela said:

“I asked her what presents she wanted for her sixth birthday and she replied that she didn’t need anything. She said she wanted us to give money to people who need it instead.”

Upon turning nine, the Swanbourne pupil had raised a sum of £2,000 from her birthday donations. Harry’s Rainbow has invested the money into aiding children who are grieving after losing a sibling or parent.

A couple from Greenleys, Lee and Odette Mould, founded the charity. They had experienced their own tragic experience after their five-year-old son Harry died when a hospital failed to save his life after suffering breathing difficulties.

The charity are lucky to have supporters such as Rebecca, who clearly has an affinity for helping children. They need to continue promoting their work in order to educate others on the work they do.

Many charities set up promotional campaigns in order to raise awareness amongst the public. These campaigns often involve leaflets, banners, and other marketing services.