Progress at Milton Keynes College recognised

November 14, 2018 by  

Milton Keynes College’s progress on diversity issues recently received official recognition.

The National Centre for Diversity has given accreditation to Milton Keynes College. This award acknowledges the leadership that the college has demonstrated in relation to inclusion, diversity and equality. Letterheads can be used to highlight the successes of organisations.

Annabel Lane, Head of People Services for the college, said:

“The process was very supportive, and it helped us to identify priorities, receive positive feedback on the areas working well and to recognise how far we have come over the assessment year.”

Lane was involved with the establishment of a steering group. These Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity champions should be able to take things further going forward.

Aware that even more could be done to enhance staff development, Lane believes that creating a high quality employee experience can contribute to health and productivity. She is eager to avoid the adoption of a complacent attitude.

Solat Chaudry, the chief executive for the National Centre for Diversity, praised the efforts of the staff at the college. The college backed up what it had delivered through the provision of clear evidence. College representatives will attend an awards ceremony within London next year.

Only 32 organisations have been awarded the same accreditation. Teams have realised that valuing diversity can produce a competitive advantage. Background does not determine talent.