Plan for Milton Keynes International Festival grows

May 10, 2018 by  

The details of the Milton Keynes International Festival are becoming clearer.

It has been revealed that the event will include a parade of huge mechanical insects, with other information being made available. Poster printing from Milton Keynes can be used to brighten up events.

The Milton Keynes International Festival is being hosted for the fifth time this year. The overall themes of the festival this time around are home, identity, community and migration. This means that the festival should have a cultural resonance.

The mechanical insects will be a feature of the opening ceremony. This shall take place in mid-July. The insects are the property of a Catalan business called Sarruga and they will be greeted by fireworks within Campbell Park. The festival will come to a close by the end of the month.

A venture from Chile could add spice to the occasion. The hope is that a mobile kitchen will find stories about food in the local community. La Cocina Pública inspires social interaction because many people love to talk about food. Live music may add some excitement to the occasion.

The event will include a performance by Moroccan acrobats. This collective from Tangier should liven things up. The team in question consists of 14 musicians and acrobats. The idea is that stories can be communicated via a blend of contemporary and traditional acrobatics.