McDonald’s goes digital in Milton Keynes

December 10, 2018 by  

A McDonald’s franchise is now providing digital services within Milton Keynes.

Ken Tomkins, who heads the local McDonald’s, is using digital means to deliver convenience and choice. The restaurant is located on McConnell Drive. Printing services can be used to help promote modern eateries effectively.

The food outlet is changing the experience of consumers in a significant way. Options such as click and collect have transformed the process of ordering food and beverages. A mobile app has taken the establishment into the modern world.

One of the advantages of the app is that it will remove the need to queue up to order. Special offers may be exploited, while menu updates are also accessible. Customers using the app can also detail specific food choices, such as removing a certain item from a burger.

Tomkins is currently the proprietor of six local restaurants and has almost 640 employees under his leadership. He told the Milton Keynes Citizen:

“I’m proud that with this restaurant we’re able to offer customers more choice as to how they enjoy their McDonald’s experience with this new digital store.”

Digitalisation amounts to a genuine upgrade of what new consumers can expect. Table service is something which has not always been associated with the brand. People should enjoy extra opportunities to interact with the staff. The potential of McDelivery is yet to be realised, but it is hoped that it can be implemented in the future.