Innovative health training begins in Milton Keynes

September 22, 2018 by  

Training in mental health first aid is starting at a centre in Milton Keynes.

Kiln Farm’s Hazard Alley, a safety centre in Milton Keynes, is launching sessions in first aid for mental health. The hope is that individuals can learn to help one another with what can be debilitating conditions. Poster printing may be used to add impact to events of all types. Research shows that a quarter of the population can experience symptoms of poor mental health on an annual basis.

The idea of the courses is that support should be non-judgemental in nature. Signposting will be used to assist individuals to access extra resources. Lead trainer Dr AJ Yates has decades of relevant experience. Dr Yates told the Milton Keynes Citizen:

“I visited Hazard Alley when it first opened and was impressed with its friendly atmosphere. It’s such an iconic location. I’m particularly looking forward to running mental health first aid courses here.”

Jo Green, the director of the hub, believes that it is sensible to address various community needs. It seems logical to her that the centre is not restricted to looking at physical health. She has expressed her enthusiasm for the fresh initiative.

Courses of different lengths have been proposed. Learners can do a half-day introductory session or pick up more information over longer periods of time. The course content has international recognition.