Growth conference to be staged in Milton Keynes

June 11, 2018 by  

An event about regional economic growth will soon be held within Milton Keynes.

Stadium MK will host the Oxford Cambridge Corridor Economic Growth Conference, which is set to bring the public sector and the private sector together. Local speakers will deliver a variety of talks. Poster printing from Milton Keynes may be used to brighten up events.

Councillor Hannah O’Neill, who takes some responsibility for communities within Milton Keynes, suggested:

“The Oxford-Milton Keynes-Cambridge corridor is a real and exciting opportunity for this area, it will deliver housing, infrastructure and jobs and out us on the map both nationally and internationally.”

Professor Sadie Morgan is scheduled to speak on the day. Professor Morgan heads the National Infrastructure Commission. She shall be joined by Iain Stewart, the local MP, and the chief executive of Cranfield University, Sir Peter Gregson. The occasion is likely to be the region’s biggest business conference of 2018.

Built Environment Networking (BEN) is tasked with the delivery of the event. Debates will focus on infrastructure, housing, skills, growth, and industrial strategy.

BEN’s Keith Griffiths is convinced that building connectivity between cities can drive economic development. He is confident that the region has the capacity to create 700,000 additional jobs over the next three decades or so. Efficient partnership working could help to make this aspiration into a reality.