Brochure types

Choosing the right kind of brochure for your company’s aims and objectives will help in their effectiveness. Knowing what you want to do, and achieve, with your brochure will determine what kind of brochure your company should be looking to produce.

There are various different types of brochure. Leave-behinds for instance are brochures that you want to leave behind after meeting with clients. This needs to summarise what has been discussed in the meeting with the customer, or leave them with additional detail to supplement your meeting.

There are point of sale brochures, which should be bold and attention grabbing as you are relying on potential customers to be interested in and grab the brochure for themselves, so strong imagery and colours are important. If you are sending out a brochure in response to an enquiry from a customer, then the chances are that they are very interested in what you do and so a brochure with a response mechanism or a sales order form would be appropriate so that you can prompt a purchase.

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