Laminating in Norwich

Print company in Norwich printing services Norwich is a city located in Norfolk, and in the past has been considered a predominantly industrial area, with the manufacturing of shoes playing an important role in the city’s economy. Today, there are many large businesses situated in Norwich, such as Archant and Unilever, and also many shops, bars, clubs and restaurants. A large number of these businesses use services providing Print company in Laminating in Norwich printing services Laminating in Norwich because Print company in laminating printing services laminating products can be highly beneficial when running a business.

Laminated items have a professional appearance because of the quality and glossy finish the laminating process provides. Laminated products are also more durable because Print company in lamination printing services lamination gives products an extra coat to help protect them from general wear and tear. The thickness of lamination can be varied and in general, a thickness of between 1 mil and 14 mils is selected. 1 mil is around the same as 0.001 of an inch. The thicker the lamination, the more protected the product will be.

Lamination is also available for products in a wide range of sizes, and this means business owners can laminate an extensive assortment of items. Laminating items within the workplace, such as documents of importance, is common. Materials used in marketing campaigns are likewise commonly laminated. Many businesses Laminating in Norwich work with flyers, Print company in business cards printing services business cards, posters, brochures and other items they use for advertising.

We at Minuteman Press have everything to help a business in need of Laminating in Norwich. We provide top quality laminating services, and can work on a wide selection of products.

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