Laminating in Northampton

Print company in Northampton printing services Northampton is a large market town in the East Midlands that in the past played an important role in the manufacturing of shoes and boots. Today, Northampton is home to a number of businesses involved in engineering, financial services and the manufacturing of a wide range of products, from cosmetics to leather goods. There are also a great number of smaller businesses being run in Northampton, with numerous shops, restaurants, cafes, pubs and businesses providing the local community with services. A lot of these businesses consider Print company in Laminating in Northampton printing services Laminating in Northampton to be of importance.

Print company in Laminating printing services Laminating products is highly beneficial because it instantly makes them look professional and protects them too. Laminating provides a high quality, shiny finish that can look very sophisticated and also protects the products. Laminated items are easier to clean and easier to keep for significant periods of time. Products of a wide range of sizes can be laminated and the thickness of the Print company in lamination printing services lamination can also be varied. A thickness of between 1 mil and 14 mils is usually selected when laminating, and 1 mil is equivalent to around 0.001 of an inch. The greater the thickness of lamination chosen, the more protected the product will be.

Northampton businesses laminate a huge selection of items used, including documents within the workplace and marketing materials. It is common for businesses Laminating in Northampton to work with materials such as flyers, posters and Print company in business cards printing services business cards.

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