Print companies in the Midlands

The Midlands is where you will find Birmingham, the second city in England and also home to many companies and distribution centres thanks to its ideal location for servicing the UK, both north and south. Print companies in South Birmingham in particular have a wealth of opportunities for business, supplying stationery, flyers, posters and point of sale (POS) materials for businesses in the area.

Stoke-on-Trent is home to the pottery industry for the UK, with some of the best known and most popular pottery makers being found here, including Wedgewood and Royal Doulton. Thanks to this, Stoke is known as the ‘Potteries’ and the thriving pottery industry means much work for print companies in Stoke-on-Trent.

Coventry, another city in the Midlands, is home to the famous three 14th century spires that dominate the city’s landscape. The spires belong to St. Michael’s Cathedral, Christ Church and Holy Trinity.

One of the little known facts about the Midlands is its involvement in the coffee industry. Forget Brazil and Columbia, print companies in Banbury supply print work for the world’s largest coffee-processing facility!

Many universities have their home in the Midlands area, in places such as Nottingham, Loughborough, Leicester and Birmingham itself and these generate much work for printing companies in the Midlands.

Further out in the Midlands area, towns such as King’s Lynn, Norwich and Peterborough, are equally popular for culture and architecture, with King’s Lynn’s Corn Exchange, Norwich Cathedral and Peterborough Cathedral all offering excellent examples of attractions bringing tourism and industry to the area, supporting businesses and thus printing companies within the Midlands.

The Midlands

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