The University of Manchester promotes co-working

September 6, 2018 by  

A hub for co-working start-ups is being launched by the University of Manchester.

Co-working spaces can deliver support for ambitious entrepreneurs. The new hub is located in the University of Manchester Innovation Centre (UMIC) and is part of a large programme of investment. About £1.5 million may be spent on the innovation policy as a whole. Business card printing in Manchester may be boosted by local investment and networking is always important for small firms.

In under three years, over 20 start-ups have advanced from the initiative. Progress could accelerate when the new hub is completed. Yvonne Loughlin is the head at UMIC. She is excited at the future prospects of the scheme and she told the Manchester Evening News:

“We already house a fantastic variety of innovative businesses, both at the Manchester Incubator Building and Core Technology Facility on Grafton Street as well as at our North Campus Incubator closer to Manchester city centre.”

Loughlin acknowledged that Tim Walker has made a big effort. He has been largely responsible for the existing Innovation Optimiser Programme.

It appears that the hub should be up and running by November. Approximately 10 start-ups should benefit from the facility in the short-term. However, there are concrete plans to increase the number of individuals that will gain from the amenity. Eventually, external entrepreneurs and competition winners will be able to profit by getting involved.