Posters used in Bury to stop poaching

November 5, 2012 by  

Posters are being displayed around Bury, Greater Print company in Manchester printing services Manchester, to stop poachers from illegally catching fish in the rivers of the region.

A local man, Steve Calder, who runs Carping On – a fishing tackle emporium in Mildenhall –is spearheading the campaign to crack down on illegal fishing. Calder spoke about the illegal poaching in a recent article that was featured in the Bury Free Press. He said:

“Since we opened our shop, I’ve heard some real horror stories involving netting and even electro-fishing on a near commercial scale.”

Calder believes that the issue lies with the fact that the laws around fishing and taking home the fish that are caught have not been properly communicated. This is why he has turned to communicating the rules around fishing via Print company in poster printing printing services poster printing.

Manchester, Bury and other regions in the North West has a strong community of people who fish for pleasure, and the posters are not designed to deter people from this hobby. They are designed to stop reserves of river fish from becoming depleted.

Calder also spoke about how UK fishing regulations differ from those in other countries, saying:

“The UK is unusual within Europe in that we pursue a catch and release policy.”

The posters have been printed in a number of European languages to help ensure that the message is clearly communicated across all residents in Bury. It is hoped that with the help of strong communications, the fish in the rivers in Greater Manchester will grow in their numbers and that fishing can continue to be a sustainable pastime.