Manchester start-up aims to transform recruitment

January 8, 2019 by  

Manchester-based start-up Caroo wants to revolutionise recruitment.

The tech business wants to give people more autonomy with regard to their career search. Print shops can help firms to promote their innovative ideas. Caroo’s managing director, Gareth Peterson, told the Manchester Evening News:

“We can bank, shop, travel and communicate in just a few taps on our mobile devices yet when it comes to finding relevant career opportunities we are subjected to painful experiences and we hand control over to other people.”

Caroo is all about streamlining the search for work. The hope is that irrelevant emails and irritating middlemen can be removed from the customer journey. Candidates should be empowered by entering their interests and skills into the new system. All the evidence which is collated can be sorted out via an algorithm.

It has been revealed that years of experience in the field of recruitment were important in the design of the company’s portal. Approximately £1 million has been allocated to the venture so far. The investment has been provided under the watch of Optimise Capital.

Local employers have contributed to the development of the scheme. Many firms have an understanding of the common glitches that impact on the recruitment process. In particular, digital SMEs have stepped up to the plate with useful data.