Internet boost to help enterprises in Manchester

May 8, 2018 by  

An initiative to improve internet speed would be a welcome boost for businesses in Manchester.

The scheme is being led by Manchester-based tech firms. Telcom Networks and The Loop shall work together. Start-ups that use co-working office accommodation should benefit from the activity. Demand for letterheads from Manchester can rise when start-ups thrive.

The managing director at The Loop is Ashley Griffiths, who told the Manchester Evening News:

“This initiative which takes fibre directly to the building at a new low cost has the potential to be truly transformational for businesses in these buildings. I’m delighted that Telcom has chosen to use our network to deliver the services.”

The Loop provides vital connections for data centres within Manchester. It also serves some of the major commercial districts in the city. At the same time, The Loop delivers a service to important buildings such as The Sharp Project and Manchester Central Library. This year, The Loop is seeking to build its capacity further.

Telcom Networks is clear about the value of the partnership. Its chief executive, Shaun Gibson, commented that the strategy complements the policies of various authorities. The cooperation can be viewed as fitting in with the agenda of the city region.

The hope is that the partnership shall improve the prospects of the local creative industries. Digital inclusion can bring all kinds of benefits.