Link road for Macclesfield may lead to more housing

May 10, 2018 by  

A link road in the Macclesfield area has the potential to boost the construction of housing.

If the link road is built then about 1,000 houses might be constructed in the neighbourhood. Brochure printing in Macclesfield should benefit from urban growth. The link road would cost about £20 million to complete. Cheshire East Council is looking at the process of land assembly.

If the project is to get the green light then the cabinet of the council will have to get behind it. This is in part because there are issues of procurement. However, there is also the matter of compulsory purchase authority as not all the land belongs to the council. All these problems have to be resolved for the initiative to develop momentum.

The site in question is unlikely to be filled with accommodation. The plan suggests that a school should be constructed in the vicinity. In addition, some retail space is likely to be created in the district. Playing fields will also be included in the scheme if things go well.

Cheshire East Council has already conducted some research on the best way forward. Nursing homes and care homes might be built on parts of the site. The hope is that a partner will be able to assist with delivery. It is thought that this partner could be revealed during the course of 2019.