Stationery company moves into book selling

December 8, 2011 by  

A major stationery retailer has moved into the world of book selling in an attempt to better cater for their customers’ needs and offer a more rounded service.

The company, Leicestershire-based Viking, has announced that they will be adding a range of books to their broad portfolio of stationery and office supplies. A spokesperson for Viking said that the new addition to their stock base was to be able to act as:

“a one-stop-shop for businesses and consumers.”

The business went on to comment on how their new business direction had gone down with customers, saying:

“Early indications show that customers have taken to the new offering and interestingly, the biggest sellers so far are health and safety-focused publications.”

The company is offering travel, business and fiction books at the moment, whereas previously they focused on office supplies, IT equipment and Print company in stationery printing printing services stationery printing.

Print company in Lutterworth printing services Lutterworth businesses often buy stationery supplies from companies like internet and catalogue based Viking, but opt to have their bespoke stationery Print company in printing printing services printing done by Lutterworth-based Print company in print shops printing services print shops who can offer a more bespoke service. More companies may make the move to having tailor-made stationery created by local Print company in printing companies printing services printing companies as they are able to specialise in this medium.

Viking is hoping to add books that have an educational focus and they may also look to cater for schools in future. As an added incentive to get customers to buy from their new book selling service, they are also adding a discount to certain lines.