Poster printing in Lutterworth could promote need for new town councillors

February 25, 2011 by  

Residents of Lutterworth could soon have the chance to have a real say in shaping the future of the town by becoming a town councillor. Lutterworth town council are appealing for any local folk who wish to try their hand as a councillor to come forward to an event being held next month. The event is an election workshop that is designed to give local residents a chance to become part of the town’s council and offers people the opportunity to meet with current councillors to ask any questions that may have arisen. This will be held at Lutterworth town council offices on Tuesday 1st March from 7:30 – 8:30pm. The council are currently promoting this on their website in the news section, but it would be particularly beneficial to promote a drive like this using promotional tools such as poster printing. Lutterworth residents are known for being particularly involved in looking out for the well-being of the town and it would be simple to put up posters in places where local groups meet to target the right kinds of people who may see themselves as being potential town councillors.

Lutterworth town council is made up of six key wards, Brookfield, Swift, Orchard, Springs, District and County. Local residents are being urged to come along to represent any of these areas; and the role of councillor in any of these regions would involve making decisions about spending, support and policies, monitoring the success of any local initiatives and getting involved with local goings on. By using poster printing, Lutterworth council could reach out to different groups of people to ensure they had a strong response to the councillor recruitment campaign.