Popular walking trails in Leicestershire is publicised using flyer printing

January 29, 2011 by  

Lutterworth and Leicestershire authorities have recently been singing the praises of the countryside walking trails available in the region and are urging local people to take to them as part of their new year’s exercise regime. Leicestershire County Council have published a series of leaflets featuring information on a variety of walks, from short strolls to walks that last an entire day. These leaflets are available as downloads from the council’s website but can also be ordered by contacting the council directly. Local authorities often produce leaflets using services like flyer printing to publicise Lutterworth-based events as these are simple to distribute as well as being an effective way of promoting public amenities like the region’s walking trails.

The local council are not the only group of people promoting the benefits of walking using flyer printing. Lutterworth’s local health authorities along with the NHS have been promoting the health benefits offered by partaking in this gentle sport for several years. Companies offering flyer printing in Lutterworth and beyond have often been called upon to produce high quality, informative printed materials that can be distributed throughout the local community to promote a healthier way of living. These leaflets, like the ones promoting walking trails in Leicestershire are often displayed in easily accessible public areas that encourage people to engage with messages and campaigns. Flyer printing in Lutterworth has been especially popular amongst local authorities as it allows them to reach local residents in their own homes when they are more likely to have time to read flyers.