Police use flyer printing to combat purse thieves in Lutterworth

June 16, 2011 by  

Police in Lutterworth are running a campaign in local supermarkets to raise awareness of a number of purse thefts that have happened recently.

A number of purses have been stolen from people when they are shopping in a supermarket and might be otherwise distracted. Local police are hoping that there will be a decline in the number of incidents happening by distributing flyers giving advice on the best ways to keep belongings safe when shopping.

PCSO Ray Wells, a Community Support Officer, came up with the idea of distributing flyers in shopping trolleys and baskets where people are likely to see them as they start shopping. 400 flyers will be distributed to the Co-operative and Morrison’s supermarkets in Lutterworth, with other distributions planned if this first batch does not have the desired impact. This is an innovative use of flyer printing, and Lutterworth Police hope that by connecting with shoppers this way, people will be more likely to take precautions.

The advice on the flyers is to keep purses and other valuables on one’s person at all times, ideally in a place where they cannot be seen by opportunist thieves in supermarkets. Flyer printing is used by Lutterworth organisations across the region as this is an eye-catching way to attract attention whilst being an ideal medium for communicating lengthy messages, such as advice about avoiding being a victim of theft.

Lutterworth Police have expressed that the elderly and vulnerable are particularly at risk and so have advised those looking for more information to visit their website.