Plan for new unit in retail park near Lutterworth

April 10, 2018 by  

Proposals for another unit in a retail park south of Lutterworth have been made.

The plan is being put forward by developers with an interest in Elliott’s Field. This retail park is situated between Lutterworth and the middle of Rugby. There has been no announcement in relation to the name of the retail firm which should take responsibility for the unit. The building is likely to be about 10,000 square feet in extent. Letterheads from Lutterworth may be used by businesses in the region.

A spokesperson has explained the vision behind the development. This is based on reducing the need for people to travel long distances for the goods they want. The spokesperson told the Rugby Advertiser:

“The new retail unit will be restricted to the sale of bulky goods including furniture, floor coverings, household textiles, bathroom and kitchen items, soft furnishings, DIY goods etc.”

If the unit gets up and running it will extend the local retail offer for the communities in the vicinity. The spokesperson suggested that the move would also generate fresh retail opportunities. According to planning information, the retailer Hobbycraft has the intention of starting an operation in a different unit on Elliott’s Field.

The developer did not proceed without listening to the views of interested parties. There was a period of consultation which came to an end quite recently.