Housing scheme off Lutterworth Road wins approval

January 14, 2018 by  

A significant housing development in the vicinity of Lutterworth Road has secured the green light.

Over 100 homes shall be constructed on a site which is owned by a local authority. The relevant planning committee elected to prioritise housing need over the concerns of some local residents. Councillor Elly Cutkelvin said that the local housing shortage was severe. Brochures from Lutterworth may be used to promote new houses in the region.

The specific proposal involves Franklyn Fields which consists of around eight acres of land. Over a decade ago, the space could have been used for a park and ride initiative, but another location was used instead. Planning chief Grant Butterworth explained to the Leicester Mercury that residential development in the area had been discussed a lot since outline planning consent had been granted back in 1973. He stated:

“There was also another outline plan granted for residential in 1989, the site was in the ’94 local plan so the principle of development has been debated through a number of policies. Every public meeting I have been to, and I’ve been to quite a few, I have consistently not mislead residents about the fact there is a residential allocation.”

Morris Homes wants to buy the land off the council. With planning permission attained, there is no obstacle to the completion of the purchase.