Flyers set to help boost trade in Lutterworth town centre

July 20, 2011 by  

Print company in Lutterworth printing services Lutterworth Chamber of Trade is working with local businesses to produce a flyer to help boost the number of people shopping in the town centre.

Tristan Koriya is the town councillor at the heart of this business-boosting venture. Koriya and the Chamber of Trade have worked together to arrange Print company in flyer printing printing services flyer printing that Lutterworth businesses involved with the Chamber have paid for. They are also footing the bill for the distribution of the leaflet in a bid to increase the number of shoppers visiting the town centre.

Leaflet and flyer Print company in printing printing services printing has proved effective in the past for businesses that are trying to increase footfall through their doors and by producing this eye-catching A4 flyer, shops and eateries in Lutterworth hope to see extra customers flocking to their establishments.

The flyer is part of a wider strategy designed to draw people into Lutterworth to spend money and boost the local economy. Lutterworth Chamber of Trade was given a new lease of life following a recent influx of new members and these members are working on projects like the town centre flyer and on another project to have signs placed on the motorway at the junction for Lutterworth to encourage people to stop and shop in the town.

The trade-boosting flyer was presented to Lutterworth town Council at the beginning of July for approval and given the go-ahead. The flyer points out the facilities on offer in Lutterworth and it is aimed at encouraging people who work on the periphery of the town to venture into the centre on at lunch time.