Debenhams take a leaf out of Argos’ book

November 6, 2011 by  

High street department store Debenhams are reaching out to new audiences with a foray into Print company in catalogue printing printing services catalogue printing.

Print company in Lutterworth printing services Lutterworth Mail recently reported on the plans that Debenhams has revealed with regards to expanding its offering both in store and through other channels. This also includes modernising several stores, including the one in Print company in Northampton printing services Northampton; and opening a further nine new branches are set to open. These expansion plans are not only a positive sign that the retail industry is turning around after recent tough economic times, but it also is great news for the economy as the plans are due to create over 4,000 jobs.

Debenhams’ main driver for launching their 68-page catalogue offering is to encroach on the territory of long-time competitor Argos. Argos announced huge drops in year-on-year profits, with a dip of 94 per cent in their profits in the first half of 2012. Previously known for catalogue shopping, electrical goods and home Print company in ware printing services ware, the credit crunch and other economic factors mean that people are not shopping at Argos as much as they used to, leaving a gap in the market for other companies who choose to use catalogue Print company in printing printing services printing.

Lutterworth Mail spoke to Steve Lightfoot who is the divisional trading director for Home, who stated:

“I am confident the catalogue will encourage them to reappraise Debenhams as a home ware destination.”

The catalogues have been mailed out to existing Debenhams card holders and are expected to drive customers online to increase the amount of revenue generated through the company’s e-Commerce website.