Charity calendar appeal from local Women’s Institute

September 22, 2011 by  

A local branch of the Women’s Institute is working with businesses throughout the region to produce a calendar in aid of charity.

Little Bowden’s branch of the WI is dedicating its time to creating the charity calendar which it will sell to raise funds for local Children’s organisations, the Juniper Project which is based in Leicester and The Rainbow Hospice, based in Loughborough. Local businesses are chipping in to help make the charity dream a reality, with local designers and photographers offering to help for free. The calendar will be created locally and will be produced using full colour printing.

Lutterworth, Loughborough and the surrounding towns are all relatively local to Little Bowden and residents of the region will be able to help support this charitable cause by buying a copy of the calendar. The Little Bowden branch of the Women’s Institute is hailed as being one of the most successful in the country, with a modern, fresh outlook and a pioneering approach to fundraising which has attracted interest both locally and nationally. The group already has around 120 members with more waiting in the wings, and after this fundraising activity was featured on the local news and in popular magazine Women, their waiting list is sure to grow even longer.

Photo shoots for the 2012 calendar are taking place over the coming weeks, with the theme being women of the 1950s. This innovative use of printing to produce assets to sell for charity is one that has become more and more popular in recent years and the popularity of charity calendars looks set to continue.