Catalogue company set to create jobs in Lutterworth

February 8, 2012 by  

A national catalogue giant is set to bring a boost to the local economy in Leicestershire as it is set to move a large part of its operation to Lutterworth.

Argos, the national retail chain that operates both in stores and via mail order catalogues and an e-commerce website, is proposing to relocate one of its main distribution centres to Lutterworth. Argos has made their business model work for a number of years by making changes like this. Reacting to market changes has stood the business in good stead to continue with its model which uses warehousing and catalogue printing.

Lutterworth is home to Magna Park, which houses a number of businesses and warehouses and this is the proposed new location of the Argos warehouse when it relocates from Corby. Some negative comments have been made about the fact that the move would mean job losses at the Corby base where the operation is currently located, but on the whole the news has been received as largely positive.

The move is currently under consultation. Argos released a statement about the proposed changes, saying:

“We propose to reconfigure our Argos distribution centre in Magna Park and exit the Wincanton-managed operation in Corby, to reduce network costs and create a better balance between the flow of goods to and from the midlands. Subject to colleague consultation, it is proposed that this work will commence in the summer and be complete by the autumn.”

The company have stated that all affected employees at Corby would be able to move to work at Lutterworth and that an additional 100 positions would be created at the new location.