Brochure printers in Lutterworth help to promote services for older people

March 27, 2011 by  

Harborough District Council recently produced a booklet advertising services and events for older people. The council teamed up with local charity group Voluntary Action South Leicestershire and worked with local brochure printers in Lutterworth to produce the booklet. This is an important piece of communication, designed to specifically target older people who may feel cut off from the outside world. The council and the charity hopes that this booklet will make older people feel like more of a part of the community and will empower them to get involved with fun social activities as well as giving them essential information on local services than can help improve their day to day quality of life.

This booklet is a pioneering new move from the council and Councillor Paul Bremner – the council’s lead man for community well-being and engagement feels that this is a strong step in the right direction. He expressed hopes to distribute it far and wide throughout the community and the manager of Voluntary Action South Leicestershire, Maureen O’Malley said that she hoped that the handy booklet format would encourage people to leave this by their telephone to get maximum usage out of the booklet. By using local brochure printers in Lutterworth, the council and the charity group have has access to a service that is personal and conveniently located, whereas a larger national chain may not have been able to give the project the bespoke care and attention it deserved.