Young Writers and Artists experience setback due to failed publishing company

February 24, 2011 by  

A publishing company that branded itself ‘The People’s Publisher’ has recently gone bust, crushing the hopes of young artists and writes at a Loughborough high school who had expected to see their work in print in the near future. Forward Press, a publishing company which ran competitions in schools across the UK had promised to publish writing and artwork from pupils at Humphrey Perkins High School in Loughborough. However, because of unpaid debts, the company went into liquidation. Many people can experience similar problems with large, global printing companies. Loughborough schools and businesses looking to self-publish books often find it much more reliable and more convenient to use a local company for book or catalogue printing in Loughborough.

Forward Press has since been bought out by one of its former owners under a new trading name. However, it is unlikely that any previous customers will use the firm after this latest debacle. Many schools, organisations and charities – including the Royal British Legion – had paid or donated money or work to Forward Press in return for print and publishing jobs that were never fulfilled. Many of those who let down are now turning to local printing companies for their brochure, book and catalogue printing needs. By using a company that has been recommended based on its reliability rather than just choosing one that has a prominent position in the market or a big body of work behind it, customers are more likely to receive what they pay for as opposed to being disappointed.