Tory campaign trail hits Loughborough

April 13, 2010 by  

There’s nothing guaranteed to require poster printing in Loughborough quite like a general election campaign, and the Conservative leader David Cameron ensured that Loughborough printers were kept busy in the last few days as his campaign trail hit the town of Loughborough yesterday.

David Cameron, who is standing for Prime Minister against Gordon Brown, addressed a crowd of supporters in Loughborough yesterday as he attacked the new Labour manifesto, which was also printed and released this week.

Cameron added that the Tory party is set to print and release its own manifesto today, and that it would offer something from different from that of the Labour party.

Cameron commented:

They will have seen Labour’s manifesto today and I can tell you, that is not going to change anything.

There is nothing new there, there is nothing different there.

We have got a great opportunity tomorrow when we launch our manifesto to show how we are going to be different and how we are going to make a difference.

The manifestos themselves can be read by anyone, but as the printed copies are quite lengthy, Labour has also released a cut down version in animation form to appeal to people who haven’t got the time to wade through the full version.

Cameron also commented that he felt the General Election hadn’t engaged the British public as of yet. He added:

They hear the politicians shouting the odds at each other but they are not listening

They want us to address the big questions, they want us to deal with the big issues.