Posters help to reduce number of thefts in Loughborough

January 28, 2012 by  

The amount of cases of reported purse thefts in Loughborough have dropped dramatically thanks to an impactful marketing campaign advising people to protect their belongings.

The local council ran a campaign advising people to hide their purses and be mindful of pickpockets and thieves at work. The campaign included a number of posters being distributed around the town centre, bearing the slogan: “Don’t be a Grinch, make it hard to pinch”. The posters also promoted a purse alarm device that was made available through the local police service.

The purse theft campaign is another example of how printing can help to raise awareness of criminal activity and can cause the intended audience to be more vigilant about their personal property. This campaign spanned the whole of Loughborough’s community, with the council, police, local people and shopkeepers all working together to make the campaign a success. Local print shops are often called upon to produce engaging communications for campaigns like this one; using mediums such as flyer and poster printing.

Loughborough’s anti-theft campaign resulted in over 2,000 purse alarms being given out along with just eight thefts being reported over the Christmas period in 2011, a huge drop on the previous year.

Local councillor David Snartt spoke about the results of the campaign, saying:

“These results are absolutely terrific and demonstrate what an amazing impact our high profile campaign has had on raising awareness and deterring crime. It has all helped make Loughborough Town Centre a safer place to shop, work and visit. We will continue to work with our partners in the police and businesses to help the town thrive.”