Planning permission for banners in Loughborough

July 21, 2010 by  

Businesses looking for companies offering banner printing in Loughborough will recognise the impact of advertising banners and the flexibility of the format. Advertising banners offer a great opportunity to allow a company to stand out and, due to their temporary nature, they can provide a fantastic targeting opportunity – particularly if you want to catch people on routes to specific events.

However, as great as banners can be for giving companies a perfect opportunity to target just where they want, it is important to remember the necessity to get the appropriate permissions for erecting banners or your brand may suffer. Particularly by the side of high traffic roads, banners may come under fire from health and safety regulations due to being so close to the side of the road.

Taking the example of a charity fete in Reading this month; their banners came under fire from the local council’s health and safety regime. The Lions Summer Fete is held every year in Reading and has been supported in the past by banners advertising the event around roads in the area. However, Reading Borough Council has now told the fete organisers that they now require planning permission to erect banners to ensure that the locations comply with health and safety rules.

Despite the lack of any accidents being caused in the last 15 years that the banners have been displayed, the council is now saying that planning permission is required. Companies should bear in mind these rules and regulations before going to print with advertising banners.